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T&T Services, LLC is your outsourced solution for accounting and tax services in Russia.

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Accounting and Tax reporting

Although Russian accounting principles are fundamentally based on IFRS, there are key differences between accounting and tax reporting rules in Russia. We provide a full range of accounting and tax reporting services throughout Russia. We prepare and file all mandatory accounting, tax and statistical reports for your business. Our services include:

  • Day-to-day accounting recordkeeping;
  • Accounting system design;
  • General ledger maintenance;
  • Monthly and year-end closing support;


The Russian payroll system is complicated compared to payroll in other countries. Our services include:

  • Day-to-day payroll processing and related tax and social security filing;
  • Customization of payroll processing systems, fringe benefits and incentive policies;
  • Review of payroll records for identification of tax and legal risks;
  • Business trips documentation processing;

Human Resources and Records Administration

Our HR experts can administer all HR documents for your company including:

  • HR document processing including orders on engagement, termination, vacation, business trips and other;
  • timesheets;
  • job descriptions for each job position;
  • vacation schedule;

Internal Audit

Internal Audits are a valuable tool which allow management teams to exert control and oversight over their business operations in Russia. Audits enable management to ensure that their company complies with current accounting regulations and that their accounting is accurate and truthful. They also call attention to deficiencies, errors, and inconsistencies - so that these can be corrected prior to the tax and/or mandatory annual audit. Based on results from your internal audit, we can propose specific solutions to eliminate or decrease tax risks related to your business operations in Russia. We assist our clients with:

  • Audits under Russian accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Audits for banks, shareholders or investors;
  • Internal audits for management;
  • Consulting and advising services on possible tax risks and their mitigation;

Financial Consulting

We provide financial consulting services to clients who are looking for investors to grow their business, who require financing for a new project, who are interested in selling business in Russia or those who simply require advice on financial restructuring. We offer:

  • Drafts and reviews of business plans;
  • Examination of general financial situation;
  • Review of client funding requirements;
  • Review of the business for presentation to potential investors;

Tax and financial due diligence investigation (DDI) in Russia

When considering buying an existing business in Russia, a DDI is a must. The DDI will enable you to better understand the ownership structure, expenses and revenue details, potential tax risks and the overall financial health of the company in question. We can assist with:

  • General evaluation of a potential project;
  • Financial and economic analyses of company operations and a forecast of future operations;
  • Accounting, tax, financial, HR documents and operational due diligence investigations to identify potential risks and liabilities;
  • Examination of ongoing agreements, the company’s engagements and obligations;