About us

T&T Services, LLC is a full-service accounting and tax consultancy firm based in Moscow since 2007.

T&T Services, LLC is your “one-stop shop” for a wide range of outsourced services, such as: accounting, payroll, tax reporting, HR support, tax risks assessment, operational supervision and management of your business, management reporting, incorporation, work permits and other outsourced services in Russia.

Business challenges today are more complex than ever before, especially when working in Russia. Your business needs informed, responsive and professional tax and accounting advisors. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you and your business take advantage of opportunities while helping you recognize and navigate the challenges of doing business in Russia.

Our tax consultants and accountants examine and attest to the financial performance of businesses. Beyond accounting, tax reporting and payroll services in Russia our clients look to us also for assistance with mergers and acquisitions, financial, accounting and tax due diligence investigations, reviews of internal controls or performance reporting, among other matters. We are versed in all intricacies of the Russian tax system. We work with you to make your business more profitable through insightful tax planning and recommendations for improvement.

Since 2007 we have served a wide range of companies from large corporations to a medium-size and small companies representing various types of industries including but not limited to: software development, telecommunications, construction, engineering, fuel and energy sector, apparel manufacturing, retail, mass media, advertisement, public relations, art and design.

We will serve as your back-office to ensure your business is in full compliance with Russian law requirements so that you can focus on business development.