Financial Consulting

We provide financial consulting services to clients who are looking for investors to grow their business, who require financing for a new project, who are interested in selling business in Russia or those who simply require advice on financial restructuring. We offer:

  • Drafts and reviews of business plans;
  • Examination of general financial situation;
  • Review of client funding requirements;
  • Review of the business for presentation to potential investors;
  • Development of strategies to optimize the operational and financial activities of the business;
  • Examination of financing options with specific recommendations;
  • Design of an optimal funding structure;
  • Drafting full package submittals to apply for external financing (feasibility study, presentations, memorandums, investors’ offers, etc.) ;
  • Design accounting and reporting processes;
  • Management reporting and budgeting;
  • Cash flow management;
  • Short-term and long-term investment planning.