An internal audit is a valuable mean of the management control over the Russian company operation. It enables the management to ensure that the company complies with the current laws, the accounting is accurate and truthful, to indentify deficiencies, if any, in the reporting and to eliminate them before the tax or mandatory annual audit.

Our tax planning experts can also help optimize your business tax liabilities and ensure your assets are not eaten-up through overpayment of taxes. Based on an internal audit of your business, we can propose specific solutions to eliminate or decrease tax risks related to operation in Russia.

We assist our clients with:

  • Audit under the Russian accounting standards and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Audits for banks, shareholders or investors;
  • Internal audit for management;
  • Elaboration of a report on possible tax risks and their mitigation;
  • Assistance with recovery or offsetting of overpaid taxes;
  • Testing and analyzing performance of the management and internal control systems;
  • Implementation and adaption of the mother company compliance and internal control proceedings.