The Russian HR documents administration remains a rudiment of the soviet past: any action in respect to an employee such as annual leave, business trip, no-pay vacation, bonuses or transfer to another position has to be documented by “prikaz” (order).

In addition, every employee in Russia, including foreign nationals, has to have a labor record book, a document where the employees work history is recorded. The labor record book is kept by the company during the employment. The employer makes a record in the labor book upon the employee’s engagement and then upon his termination stating the reason for such termination (voluntary departure, redundancy, dismissal due to the employees fault).

Our HR experts can administrate all mandatory HR documents for your company in Russia, including:

  • HR document processing including orders on engagement, termination, vacation, business trips and other; timesheets; job descriptions for each job post; vacation schedule; sick leave, business trips, maternity leave, redundancy, labor record book;
  • Maintaining day-to-day HR documents;
  • Drafting necessary HR related internal regulations on bonuses, business trips, code of conduct, personal data, confidentiality;
  • Audit of HR records and restoration of incorrect or missing documents;
  • Drafting employment agreements;
  • Work permits processing for foreign nationals: a regular 1 year and the 3 year highly qualified specialists (HQS) working visa and residency visa for the family members;
  • Labor law related advice;
  • Assistance with redundancy and employees termination.